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Share My GPS Coordinates Pro

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轻松地分享你的 GPS 位置,通过电子邮件、 短信、 Twitter、 Facebook、 WhatsApp 等。 收件人收到此链接的在线地图与你对它的地位。 请注意 GPS 不能在一个屋顶下。 为获得最佳效果,在户外使用。特点:- 保存并发送多个位置- 添加和编辑地图上的位置- 寻找地标和上一张地图的地址- 导入.kml 和.kmz 文件- 出口.kml 文件或附加到电子邮件- 海拔高度- 黑暗与光明的主题
坐标格式包括:十进制 (度)度,分秒度、 分钟
请注意,大多数平板电脑不具有卫星 GPS 接收机系列,并且依靠 WIFI 的位置信息。加载卫星地图需要互联网连接。基准面是 wgs84 坐标系。

Share My GPS Coordinates and Location Pro
Quickly share your GPS location via email, text messaging, or social media.
Easily share your GPS location via email, text messaging, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. The recipient receives a link to an online map with your position on it. Please note that GPS does not work well under a roof. For best results, use outdoors.
Features:- Save and send multiple locations- Add and edit locations on a map- Search for landmarks and addresses on a map- Import .kml and .kmz files- Export .kml files or attach to email- Altitude above sea level- Dark and light themes
Coordinate formats include:decimal (degrees)degrees, minutes, secondsdegrees, minutes
Please note that most tablets do not have satellite GPS recievers and rely on WIFI for location information.Loading satellite maps requires an internet connection.Datum used is WGS84.